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One of my Tutorials was freatured on two websites.



And i like that really ;)

New Photoshop Tutorial – How to recreate the bleach bypass effect

Now you can find a new Tutorial about the old film processing process on my tutorial website.

Blenderart Mag Issue 42 is now available

Blenderart Mag Issue 42 is now available

The Blenderart Mag is a Magazine about Blender art and technics. It is available free as PDF Document. Now there is Issue 42 available. Really cool stuff and a must have for any Blender Enthusiast. Website of Blenderart Mag Download the Magazines here.

15 Great Post Apocalyptic Environment concept images

Here is a little collection of amazing post apocalyptic environment concept art which is really inspiring.                              

14 Great Pictures of Grumpy cats

Because grumpy cats are so famous here is the link to the original grumpy cat. And here my favorite grumpy cats i found on flickr.com. The next one is not only grumpy, this cat is really pissed.